Live Activities for Android

Live Activities for Android

In the fast-paced world of mobile technology, iOS has been an undisputed trailblazer with its features, sleek user interface, and powerhouse performance. Topping the list of its latest features is the intriguing "Live Activities". This feature isn't just a trend, it's here to stay. This enhances their overall experience and interaction with their device.

What makes Live Activities stand out? Imagine getting real-time app updates, alerts, notifications and interactions, all without launching the app. Yes, that's Live Activities' sophistication and intuitiveness.

Take, for instance, our very own Bolt app. Through Live Activities, users can seamlessly keep tabs on their ride. From vehicle details to the estimated time of arrival, everything's available at a glance. It couldn't be better for iOS users!

But here’s a thought that nags at many Android users like me (Google Pixel owner) — How can we emulate the Live Activities experience on Android and unify mobile experiences across both platforms?

Yes, there are challenges. But aren't they just opportunities in disguise?

Android's notification system, while different, has its own set of flexibilities. Aleksandr Leontev, our Senior Software Engineer, and I deep dive into Android's capabilities. We were on a mission: Bring the Live Activities vibe to the Bolt app for Android users.

Progress Bar: A Beacon of Real-time Feedback

Did you know Android notifications have progress bars? These are not just visual elements; they're gateways to real-time updates. For Bolt users, this means tracking your ride's progress is just a swipe away. No more guesswork. No more waiting anxiously. Just clear, transparent updates that keep uncertainties at bay.

Quick Actions: Power at Your Fingertips

And then there are Quick Actions. Think of them as shortcuts, allowing users to execute commands without diving deep into the app. It’s about making things faster, smoother, and, most importantly, user-centric. With Bolt, a simple expansion of the notification lets users share ride details or reach out to their driver. Efficient? Absolutely. Engaging? You bet!

Closing thoughts

The landscape of mobile technology is vast and ever-changing. While iOS has introduced Live Activities, Android's potential is immense and largely untapped. Android's flexible ecosystem offers a canvas for innovation.

Results from the initial tests were positive across all primary metrics. Reduction in no-show riders by -2.29 %, for instance.

While we explore and iterate, we're excited about the improvements Live Activities bring to our Bolt iOS and Android apps. As platforms evolve, the user experience will match, enhance, and be redefined.

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